A few days ago, after making a withdrawal at a bank close to the office, I made a detour to a nearby supermarket to see if there was anything interesting I needed to get. As I’m not much of an impulse buyer (last time I checked), I settled on two humble items – a large can of Pringles, and 3 different flavours of air freshener.

Once I got back to the office, I placed the air-fresheners in their regular positions. Once done, I was left with an extra pack – the Rose flavour. So I decided to take it home.

Fast-forward to this evening. 10:42pm. I get home, open the air freshener’s tin foil, put it on top the room cupboard and then leave the room. I haven’t left the room for up to a minute when my brother beckons and tells me something really interesting…

“Papa… do you remember this scent? It’s the same Air Freshener we used for our game center in Magodo…”

And I remembered…

That was 8 years ago. I was 14.

The beginning of my journey. My entrepreneurial journey. And it all started with a PlayStation. A PlayStation 2.

Well, since I have a long day tomorrow, and can’t afford to sleep too late, I’ll finish up the rest of the story when next time I’m relatively free. Please stay tuned. Gracias! 🙂