Excellence, Anybody?

Excellence, Anybody?

Every once in a while, I take time off work to check out something fun. It’s actually intentional (for the sole purpose of maintaining my sanity). Well, here’s what I stumbled upon today:

And then, from the same videographer, this:

And then this!

And then a bunch of other stuff that’s guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

As much as I’m impressed with the actual stunts, the general adrenaline-y feel and the wide-eyed wonder in which you’ll watch these videos (et al), I’m actually a bit more particular about the Videographer (I hope that’s what they call them), Devin Graham. His attention to detail, his risk-taking persona, the well-selected background music (is that even supposed to be a thing?), his 4K camera and a million other things that he has to do behind the scenes to produce stuff this awesome.

I could write an entire article on how awesome this guy is… whoever he is… but… erm… okay. Maybe I will. Sometime later.

Today’s lesson? If you wanna get the attention of those that matter, you had better be excellent.

There’s no other way around it.