I spent the majority of last week basically lazing at home, repaying nature (whom I cheated pretty badly) and listening to Asa’s latest album ‘Bed of Stone’. The song that earned most of my replays was ‘Grateful’, for many reasons. Firstly, I just loved the song – her creative mix of Yoruba and English, the whole calmness to it… the way she integrated mainstream worship songs. And the jumpy, change-in-tempo ending of the song? Priceless.

But most importantly, what struck me about the song was its message – “You don’t have to wait till you feel the pain. You can start right now… It’s not too late to be grateful… “

Well, the past few days have not been particularly pleasurable, as my body finally demanded payback for all the beatings I had put it through. Let’s just say I’m more than happy to be hale and hearty again. But I learnt a few particularly good lessons along the way.

So it didn’t really come as a surprise, when, the first time I logged into Facebook after recovery, I saw that a good friend of mine had asked me to participate in a “7 days of gratitude” challenge (this one doesn’t involve buckets, so put your buckets down, please. Thank you).

So, for the next few days, I’d be documenting anything and everything that I happen to be grateful for.

Well, today, I’m particularly grateful for life.

For second chances and the million other chances you get after that second chance.

For those days you wake up beaming from ear to ear. Clueless as to why you’re that excited.

Most importantly, for those random moments – Stepping out for fresh air and the weather happens to be just perfect… or resting on the shoulders of a loved one… holding them closely in your arms. Hearing one of your favorite songs being used in a DSTV advert. Being tapped by someone to help him cross the road. Or realizing that the last time you actually sat down to watch TV was during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and now, the next time was more than 5 months after, during another World Economic Forum in China. Or sitting in the courtyard, covered with a bed-sheet, composing a blog post, while the clouds get heavy, the smell of the neighbour frying plantain is in the air… and you feel the wind against your back. And the million other moments of serendipity in each and every day of life.

To me, the random moments are what make life truly beautiful.

And for these, I’m truly grateful.

There’s so much to be thankful for – Josh Groban