Thinking out loud about home cooking…

Thinking out loud about home cooking…

Just recently, while driving in traffic and flicking aimlessly through radio stations, I heard the most beautiful song ever. First, Olisa Adibua of Beat FM played a couple of Nigerian covers for the song, and then the actual song itself.

And the words got to me.

Anyways, contrary to my usual habit of writing down any of the words that I could pick up from the song to Google later on (that’s how I discovered a huge chunk of the songs and artistes in my playlist), I had the time to memorize just one phrase.

It turned out to be Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’.

So, I’ve rocked the song since then, and this evening, while running a Google search on Ed, I stumbled on the music video.

Awesome video. But that’s not what this post is about.

Before the video played, YouTube served me an ad. It was almost 5 minutes in length, and although I usually skip long videos, I stayed on this one a bit:

And it brought me to tears. The tears didn’t reach my face though… it just soaked my eyeballs… (this is my sorry attempt at trying to be manly).

Anyways, I really love the way video advertising is going. It’s gonna be a huge part of 2015. But it’s not just gonna be about selling products – it’s gonna be about selling a story… selling a dream… selling golden and irreplaceable moments… selling hope. At some point, the product would not matter anymore… not as much as the movement.

I mean… after seeing the video, would you believe me if I said Western Union sells just plain old, ordinary money transfer, right?

I’m just thinking out loud.