Just a Name…

Just a Name…

I remember the first time I was gonna get a customized shirt – University Days, 200 Level. Here’s how the conversation went:
Shirt Guy: What do you want us to write at the back of your shirt?
Me: **thinks hard**
Shirt Guy: You there?
Me: Yes….. **thinking much harder… trying to come up with a cool name, like S-flex, GeekSquad, El Logico, or good-ol Shaywoon**
Shirt Guy: Seun, we don’t have much time… Or should I co…
Me, cutting in: Please, just put ‘SEUN’ there abeg. At this point, I can’t even be bothered anymore. I’ve got better things to think about… (like my half-eaten pack of jollof rice sitting in the hostel 🙂
Fast-forward 7 years later, at an epic product launch, when the luminous body paint guy asked the same question (but this time, for my hand), I’m sure you could very well guess the answer I gave him.