Defending the Dragonfly

Defending the Dragonfly

I have always found dragonflies to be interesting creatures. Let me explain why:

Yesterday, I needed to get some housework done, so I got up from my bed and swiftly headed to the back of my house to grab a mop stick. It was a hot, sunny afternoon outside.

In my customary habit of subconsciously scanning the environment for anything strangely interesting (of which I usually end up disappointed), I saw a dragonfly. The same dragonfly I usually see when I come to the back of my house. What was it doing there? Well, it was doing the one thing it was so obviously named to do – it was flying. And not just that, it was hovering precariously close to where my target mop was located.

But, oblivious to its presence, its intimidating size or threatening looks, I headed straight into ‘the zone’, picked up my mop and headed back into the house.

Once I got to the kitchen, I stood to ponder for a while. And then it hit me – in all my various encounters with dragonflies (well, since I was conscious of my existence), none of them have ever touched or bumped into me. If you share my fear of flying insects, you’d agree with me that a dragonfly is too big a creature to ignore. But I had reached a point in my life where I could boldly approach a dragonfly and remain rest assured that it was not going to violate my personal space. Heck, I could even bet my laptop that it couldn’t happen. I wouldn’t bet my laptop on any other thing.

That day, I learnt a valuable lesson.

Well, maybe it wasn’t in the nature of that dragonfly to disturb me. Maybe it was intimidated by my size and alpha dominance (which makes me comparatively ponder why houseflies and mosquitoes aren’t). Maybe it was even too busy to notice my existence altogether…

But I could boldly stand anywhere to defend that dragonfly.

Why? Because it had proven itself, day after day, that it wouldn’t touch me.

I want to reach a point in my life where the same thing could be said of a positive quality I choose to imbibe – integrity for example. A point where it could be firmly declared, even on the mountaintops, that my integrity is consistent, unwavering, unshaken and unstirred. That I’d rather die than compromise on my integrity.

But because there are too many variables involved, I personally know that it’s not humanly possible for that to happen. But I want it to happen.

So help me God.


Go to the Ant, consider her ways, and be wise (Proverbs 6:6)


Disclaimer: My defence of the dragonfly was culled from my personal experiences and therefore, the views expressed here are solely mine. My apologies if you have been attacked by any of these peace-loving creatures. I take absolutely no responsibility over that.

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