In the last 24 hours

In the last 24 hours

In the last 24 hours, I learnt the power of focus.

Yesterday, looking at my to-do list app on my phone (I use Wunderlist by the way; it’s awesome), I saw a long list of things I had to do within the work day. It looked unrealistic to do everything yesterday. In truth, it was actually unrealistic to get those stuff done in 24 hours.

But in my customary attitude of trying to carry the whole world on my head, I opened my laptop and started tackling the deliverables…

“Send a proposal to the client who…”

And then I jumped to the next task…

“Reply Reni’s mail with the quotation he reque…”

And then I opened PowerPoint to do the quotation…

And then I remembered the next task…

“Call Tobi and request for admin…”

And then I grabbed my phone…

There was a text I was yet to reply…

“Reply Mr Chukwu’s text…”


And then 35 minutes passed.

And I had only sent 1 text message. What an absolute waste of time.

I’m sure you get the lesson here…

Follow One Course Until Successful.

Then move to the next one.

When the man you love, loves someone else.

When the man you love, loves someone else.

You hurt and grieve.
You cry and dry your tears
He must not see you  weak.
You pray and hope he would see
that you’re meant for each other.
You lie down in pain.
You sink when you can soar
You float when you can fly
You loose sight of tomorrow,s sunlight
All you see is  today’s gloom
You wake up and wish for sleep
You sleep and see him in your dreams.
You keep hoping
but he’s fixed on the other woman.
You  call and cut off your call
You draft a text and delete, again and again.
You wonder who she is, what she looks like, what she’s got that you don’t!
Every woman you see around him is suspect.
You spy on him, read his mails looking for a clue!
Clueless you rest in dismay and utter abandonment.
Fluttered , clustered and scattered,
you begin to loose grip
Time goes on and nothing moves him any closer to you.
You see him dancing with you in your dreams
You did your best dance steps
But the other woman danced her way in
And they both left you  locked out.

Come here My dear.
Come dance with Me.
Hear my song within you,
Let the music drown your pain.
Lean on Me.
Let me wrap my Arms around you.
I love you so much more.

Look at my pains too.
I was rejected by those I loved.
I was betrayed by my very own ‘rock’
kissed by a traitor.
I was rejected and locked out.
When all I wanted was to come in.
I gave everything I had,
Till I had to give my Life
I got daggers on my hands and my feet.
When all I wanted was to give away my  love.

Let him go, set him free.
Don’t fight it, don’t force it.
He’s had his dance, and made his choice.
You will dance again.
And Your man will not let you go.
Let Me hold your hands.
Till your pain is gone.
I will stand here waiting,
Till you can smile again….
Dancing away with your OWN!

– Wunmi Cosmas.

Bringing God into the Marketplace.

Bringing God into the Marketplace.

What our world needs more than business superstars are spiritual statesmen – men and women who rise above the pursuit of their personal agendas to lead people and organizations to please and honor God.

Businesspeople can often do what preachers and missionaries cannot. Isn’t it interesting that when Jesus chose twelve disciples he found them in the marketplace? He chose a dozen businessmen! These men had a lot to learn about the kingdom of God, but they knew the world and how to operate in it.

Today’s businesspeople understand how the world functions – they have to in order to succeed at their jobs. They have contacts throughout the marketplace. Their network among other Christians crosses denominational lines.

If God were to bring sweeping revival today, it might not come through a church. Many denominations are isolated, and a revival in one group of churches might never reach other Christian organizations. Revival could, however, come through the marketplace.

Christian businesspeople are connected through multiple denominations. The business community by nature is oriented towards results. Many Christian businesspeople are weary of theological hairsplitting, and they are bewildered by the adamant refusal of Church leaders to cooperate with one another. In the marketplace, working and pooling resources makes sense.

Christian business leaders must refuse to be self-centered, politicizing profiteers. Instead, they must allow God to elevate their lives and their leadership to that of statespersons. God did that with a handful of fishermen and local business leaders in the first century, and the world continues to feel the impact. God can do it again today. Are you willing to allow Him to make you a statesperson for your generation?