The Surprise


Using Voice as an Instrument

Drive all Night

Song for Daisy…


Alpaca, or Llama? That is the question.

Fuzzy Logic

I remember the topic “Fuzzy Logic” being my most anticipated computer science course, until I discovered it wasn’t about fluffy animals.

Do not Pet

I’m highly of the opinion that it’s not morally right to have a small and fluffy dog trotting around the airport wearing a ‘Dog at Work – Do Not Pet’ jacket.

Selective Cats

The fact that a cat came around you so you could pet it 10 minutes ago, does not mean that it wants you to interrupt it’s perambulation right now, to start petting it again.

Enough Socks

I’ve been alive for just over a quarter of a Century – and if there’s one thing I can categorically say I’ve learnt, it’s that you can never have enough socks.